Our first priority is to assure our stake pool operates efficiently and brings the highest return on stake to our delegators. Our second, but equally important goal, is to assure our delegators are well-informed.

Whether communicating via Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram, the Cardano community can count on getting up-to-date, informative, and interesting information on a regular basis.

We’re happy to announce a YouTube channel that will soon be added to the suite of information methods we’ll use to keep our delegators and the community informed on recent developments.

The first step is setting up the studio to be ready to shoot. Camera, lights, ACTION! 🙂 See the following video for a 1-minute tour of our studio.

Unfortunately John didn’t hand over the Youtube video content, as such we lost the link to the video. We will replace this once we have our new channel up and running.

Starting this week, we will post weekly videos highlighting what’s important to Cardano investors. For example, how can you choose the right stake pool to delegate your ADA? How can you know if your stake pool operator is backed up by a team dedicated to 24/7/365 uptime? How can you know their equipment, infrastructure, and capability will assure smooth and uninterrupted operation?

All this and more will be covered on our YouTube channel. So stay tuned! We look forward to bringing you good content and also finding out more about what your interests are.

See you on our YouTube channel soon!