Last month we started with the preparations in order to be able to develop a community app.

As owners of the stake pool A4PEU [JUNO] we promised that we would contribute to the Cardano community. One part of this promise was the development of commercial solutions on the Cardano blockchain, another was to build a solution for the community.

Differentiate and contribute to success

The idea of building a solution for the community is a way for us as stake pool to differentiate ourselves from the other 1000+ stake pools. Further we like to contribute to the success of this project by creating something unique for the community that will have its relevance for the years to come.

We don’t like to make false promises. This project is run in our free time next to our existing business duties. Goal is to deliver a prototype of the solution as soon as possible to a limited group of beta-testers before launching it to the community.

Project Catalyst

This project is not part of project Catalyst, and as such will be executed on our own expenses. This means we will only communicate on the progress of this project when we think this is beneficial. Communication will take place via our telegram group, our blog and social media channels.


What have we done so far:

  • Design of back-end architecture
  • Setup of the back-end architecture for the solution
  • Development of REST APIs to unlock data from sources
  • Our UI/UX designer is currently making blueprints for the solution

Below are some screenshots of the schemas and APIs to unlock data from sources required for our solution.

That is all we like to share and communicate for now. We will not share what problem the solution is going to solve. Being confident, the solution will have its place in the landscape of already available solutions for the Cardano community.

We keep you posted on our progress the coming time.

Cheers, Ron