A fresh new look

We decided our website needed a make over to give our delegators a more usable tool to stay up to date with the latest news of Cardano, ADA4Profit and our stake pool A4PEU [JUNO].

Hence we made a complete new website as part of our strategy to become an established stake pool for the Cardano community.

We are constantly improving ourselves and our stake pool to deliver our delegators a professional staking experience.

Our previous website wasn’t SEO and mobile optimized, this one is. So you should have a better mobile experience and we should now become visible and rank higher in Google.

Note: We are making use of the .webm and .webp media formats on our website to improve the user experience. Main reason for these media formats is to reduce load times and consume lower bandwidth especially for mobile devices. The majority of the content creators have decided in favor of these formats and as such we are following them. Also over 80% of the browsers is supporting these formats. Apple till for short didn’t support these new media formats, but with iOS14 this gap is closed. We think the advantages in using these media formats are larger than the disadvantages especially for mobile device users, so we decided to make our website ready for the future. As such also our media content is not auto playing to avoid unwanted data consumption forced by us onto the user.

Although a website similar like a stake pool is never finished and should be constantly improved and optimized, we hope you will enjoy our first release and features. We are working on providing multilingual support soon so that you will be able to read our content in your preferred language.

Further we will try to post regular about Cardano, ADA4Profit and our stake pool A4PEU [JUNO].

Clouds are part of my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my life and that of others.

— Ron


We think that our blog is more user friendly than what we had before. You can now search our blog, select blog articles on basis of tags, see the most recent posts, view archives and select blog articles on basis of categories.


We hope you enjoy our new website, features and content. If you don’t stake yet with us, we would love to see you join our stake pool.

It would motivate us even more in continuing with what we are doing.

Architecting a great stake pool in the clouds depends on the creativity, knowledge and dedication of the stake pool operator.

— Ron