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Long term viability of a stake pool

Many Cardano stake pools are advertising their low variable fees as a unique selling point towards delegators.

But what does this tell you about these stake pool operators?

• Do they work for nothing ?

• Is this maybe a hobby project for them?

• Or are they maybe just running one or two nodes on their home computer ?

You can ask yourself the question how viable these stake pool operations are. What kind of work are they putting in their stake pool now and in the future?

It is obvious that I can buy a cheaper car than a Mercedes or BMW but will I get the same comfort, performance, service and guarantee ? Everyone probably knows the answer.

This is exactly why ADA4PROFIT is not decreasing its variable fees. We want to provide our delegators with the best quality staking services, that gives them the comfort, performance, service and guarantee not only now but also in the future. Variable fees are required to cover operational and maintenance costs to keep the staking services viable.

Instead of lowering our variable fees, we guaranteed our delegators from the start that we return these fees automatically in our stake pools for a period of 3 years. For our delegators this means better return on their stake since these fees are compounding as delegation.

Next to this our pledge is locked for the same period of time.

What keeps you from staking with us !