Pooltool.io showing Cardano mainnet candidate stake pools

We mentioned in our previous blog that we were preparing for the switch from the Shelley Testnet phase II to the Shelley Mainnet Candidate.

With it not being complete, we certainly managed, to do a lot today in preparation for this switch.

• Generation of the new binaries (cardano-node and cardano-cli)

• Store these binaries on the our web server for easy distribution

• Build a new docker image for the new relay-node and pool node.

• Store images in the registry for easy distribution

• Setup of new relay node on basis of the new docker image and the mainnet_candidate files

• Syncing up with the new chain

• Activate a backup script for the new chain

• Registration of both our pools on the new chain

• Backup our pool keys and certificates

• Helping other people of the community getting their nodes to sync with the new chain

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Shelley Testnet phase II and focus on finalizing our work for the transition to the Shelley Mainnet Candidate

ADA4Profit likes to give a big shout out to ATADA stake pool run by Martin. Martin created an awesome set of public available pool operator scripts which make it easy to register and maintain your stake pool.

Above all, he put a lot of effort and dedication into contributing to the Cardano community. These pool operator scripts needs to be maintained and tested on basis of the latest changes made by IOHK.

Martin did an excellent job in a very short amount of time. We can now make use from his latest scripts to create our stake pools.

If you like to try his pool operator scripts, you can download them via his github account.

Time to get some sleep now to be rest up for tomorrow to finalize our work. Cheers !