Suspended account

We created a new website for JUNO and due to this we used a new framework. This framework is using short codes. Our social media plugin used to schedule or publish posts was not deleting these short codes. This resulted in posts with visible tags instead of our posted message. The supplier of this plugin was able to solve the problem after testing the plugin. This is our first post after the fix, so hopefully all goes well.

We detected that the supplier used our @ada4profit account to test the plugin, although we prohibited them doing so. We think that this led to the suspension of our stake pool account by Twitter. One of the items on their list in violating their rules is spamming. The supplier of the plugin did sent about 10 test posts in a very short time via our account.

Twitter support

Twitter support is a fully automated service and once you are posting them a message you get an automatic reply according the category of your request.  The answer you receive is a suggestion on basis of most occurrences. In case of a standard problem this will probably help you to solve it. In case of an account suspension it will not help you. It will lead to a process of sending out multiple mails before finally a human replies. They will ask you for additional information and tell you that they need to evaluate the information provided and your specific case.

You will get no timeframe when they will be back at you and you’re left in the dark for many days without any answer. After sending them multiple mails asking them for a status we finally gave up after 6 days.


If we would have known that the follow up by Twitter is so bad, we would have created a new account immediately. We decided else because we didn’t want to lose our followers and historical posts. Lesson learned, in case you have a standard problem with your Twitter account you can reach out at their support and the answer will be probably sufficient. In all other cases you better move on and create a new account.


Please re-follow us on our new Twitter account @ADA4Profit_pool to get posts about Cardano, our stake pool A4PEU and the activities of ADA4Profit

Thank you,