We merged our Cardano stake pools into one stake pool A4PEU [JUNO]

Retire A4PUS, merge into A4PEU

Last night we took an important decision in which our existing delegators had an important voice.

We made the decision to retire our pool A4PUS [SATURN] and merge it with A4PEU [JUNO] so we can fully concentrate our efforts on A4PEU [JUNO].

Since the chances are very low for A4PUS [SATURN] to forge a block with the current delegation, we think it is better for the existing delegators to move over to our pool A4PEU [JUNO].

Merging and retiring A4PUS [SATURN] will have no consequences for current delegators. Pool parameters and conditions of the stake pool A4PEU [JUNO] are identical. You will still have a lucky shot during epoch 213 to forge a block with us in A4PUS [SATURN] and earn rewards.

Your delegation will have better chances for rewards in our pool A4PEU [JUNO] . Prove for this was delivered during epoch 212, see link here. Also you can see here that our delegation in A4PEU [JUNO] is still growing on the basis of our continuous efforts.

We ask delegators to stop delegating to A4PUS [SATURN] and choose for A4PEU [JUNO] instead to delegate their stake.

Thank you for your understanding, we think this decision will be in favor of you. We like to thank you for supporting our A4PUS [SATURN] initiative and we are looking forward to see you back in our A4PEU [JUNO] pool. In case you have any further questions, join our telegram group https://t.me/ada4profit_stakepool were we can explain the procedure in more detail.

Merge of the two pools into one A4PEU [JUNO] will take place tomorrow at 8 pm UTC, so try to re-delegate your stake before that time into A4PEU [JUNO].

Our first target for A4PEU [JUNO] is now 7 mln delegation, next 10 mln and after that to take the next leap to 20 mln. For this we need all the support we can get. We will do all that is in our power to reach these targets, many plans are already thought out for this.

Once we reach our target of 20 mln we might reconsider together with our delegators to re-open A4PUS [SATURN] again.

Cheers Ron & John