10 reasons why you should stake with ADA4Profit's stake pool ticker A4PEU [JUNO]

10 reasons to delegate your stake with ADA4Profit

1. Our pool pledge is locked for 3 years.

2. Variable stake pool fees are automatically delegated back into our stake pools during a period of 3 years. Our delegators will immediately profit from this.

3. Our nodes run on dedicated bare metal servers for the best performance to forge blocks. Proof for this was delivered during the HTN.

4. Excellent network connectivity to forge blocks is guaranteed. We are operating 6 public relay nodes, 2 hidden relay nodes and 2 stake pools on different locations.

5. We operate our nodes from different data centers to guarantee 24/7/365 up time of our nodes.

6. Our nodes are deployed as micro services. This makes them portable and independent from the operating system. This allows us to switch servers/data centers easily in case this would be required.

7. Monitoring and alerting of our infrastructure is in place to guarantee excellent up times.

8. Our nodes are DDOS protected.

9. Our stake pool nodes are shielded from external communication, only our own relay nodes are able to communicate with our stake pools.

10. Proficient linux, network, and security skills, with over 25 years of experience of enterprise software solutions.

We could give many more reasons why you should delegate your stake with us. Please contact us directly via Telegram or email in case you are interested in delegating your ADA with us.

Bonus reason:

Stake pool operator is running a software company with a dedicated team of 8 software developers that is active in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The stake pools operator software company is planning to build solutions on the Cardano blockchain. Various ideas have already been worked out and are waiting for Goguen to be released. They will be proposed to the Cardano foundation to be sponsored by the treasure.

Currently the stake pool operators software company is already operating and maintaining blockchain based solutions for their clients on the Ethereum blockchain.