Twitter account suspended due to suspicious activity

Yesterday after posting a blog article, we found out that our account was suspended by Twitter. By accessing our account we were asked to complete a Captcha to verify that we are human. Once we passed the Captcha verification, we could send a code to our mobile number. Here we noticed that the last four digits shown to sent the code to were not in line with our mobile number. As such our first reaction was to change passwords immediately (although we had a very strong password of nearly 30 characters). The password change was successful but this didn’t help much since we were still locked out of our Twitter account.  We ended on a dead road not being able to receive a code to login.


Personally I use 2FA or a hardware key with nearly every online account. Using only a password is against my principles with online accounts. Since I had to share the ADA4Profit Twitter account with John I choose not to protect it with 2FA but only use a very strong password. But this is going to change immediately after we gain access again. I really advice everyone to use 2FA and where possible hardware keys to avoid such a situation we are now in. It seems like someone was able to access our account, although we don’t know yet if this is the case. It could also have something to do with the Twitter service itself.

Twitter support experience

One thing we are experiencing now is that it is very hard to get in contact with organizations like Twitter. After sending several mails via Twitter support, we received mainly automatic and semi-automatic replies. None of these replies helped us in re-activating our Twitter account. All suggestion were not valid to our situation.

We have no idea  why our account has been suspended since none of the answers was explaining what the suspicious activity was. We can only guess. Finally we received a reply on one of our mails in person saying they were investing the case they and could need any information that would help them.  After providing them with additional information we are now waiting for another reply.

Waiting for re-activation

Lets hope Twitter has enough evidence from us to re-activate our account. Until that moment we are not able to communicate via Twitter and you can also not contact us via Twitter. We are sorry for the inconvenience this bring but we hope you understand we cannot do much about it. Hopefully we will be back online soon via Twitter, for now please contact us via Telegram and stay up to date with our activities via our website.

Thank you for your understanding,
John & Ron