The last week has been very busy for ADA4Profit. Due to this, we had less time to spend on our blog. We are preparing ourselves for the Shelley Mainnet launch in August.

To keep you informed and updated, we have worked on the following tasks:

  • Our YouTube video channel. As you may have noticed through social media posts, John prepared a small video showing our little studio. From which we are broadcasting our videos in. We are also planning for interactive content soon. In case you haven’t seen our little studio, have a look at our previous blog.
  • In order to produce good content you have to prepare for it. This means, to make scripts, do some test shoots, editing etc. which takes a lot of time. Over the coming weeks, we hope to publish several informative videos. If you like to keep yourself informed through us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can find it in the footer of this page.
  • We registered our pools JUNO and SATURN on Shelley HTN2. Since we focused on the shift to the Mainnet Candidate. Which made us have a slow start on focusing in the Shelley HTN2.

In the meantime our pools are starting to catch up nicely and we can see they are performing pretty well. This gives us confidence and the confirmation that we are on track for a successful operation on Shelley Mainnet.

  • Unfortunately we had to give up on Mainnet Candidate I. IOHK was a little bit too optimistic in releasing this version without having the tools ready for it. A little setback since we had to switch back to Shelley HTN2. Where we had hoped to move forward instead of backward.
  • We implemented backups of our servers on external storage.
  • We implemented a private registry in which our docker cardano-node images are stored. From there they can be distributed to different servers.
  • Since we are operating and maintaining 8 nodes in different data centers. We needed to get rid of building them on every individual server, so we did. In case of a new update we only have to build it once and push it to the private registry. From any of our servers we can pull from the private registry avoiding a time consuming building process.
  • We implemented our own automatic mechanism to update the operation certificate and KES keys on our pool-nodes. This process is reducing the downtime of our stake pools significantly. In which, hopefully leading to more blocks being minted by our stake pools.
  • We have build the binaries for Mainnet Candidate II, build a relay node image and are running it currently. Furthermore, we prepared all information we could to setup our stake pools and relay nodes. We did it as quickly as possible for the switch to Mainnet Candidate II.
  • We are currently in the process of building a dashboard for our delegators. This dashboard will focus on valuable information for our delegators regarding our performance. Our goal is to have the dashboard available and integrated in our website as soon the Shelley Mainnet is live.
  • We are working on a guide for people who are interested in buying ADA and delegating their stake into a stake pool. Our plan is to have this guide available for download this coming week. Although the content will be based on the tools that are available currently. We are planning to keep this guide updated on basis of the latest information.

At the end of the day, we are pretty happy about our achievements last week. All our work together with our stake pools performance on Shelley HTN2. This makes us very comfortable! We are on the right track to achieve our goals for our delegators on Shelley Mainnet.

Till our next blog !